Writing Model for Cause/Effect Essay*

Writing Model for Cause/Effect Essay*
WRITING TOPIC: Language and Communication (or semester writing topic or education) *FOCUS: Essay May Focus on Either Causes or Effects
Introduction (1) Make general statements about the situation or problem. Do not mention specifics yet. Follow the general statements with a sentence or two that links the situation or problem with the causes or effects. Place the thesis as the last sentence of the introduction.
Body (3) o Write a topic sentence which connects the thesis with the fust paragraph. The topic sentence must clearly indicate whether the focus is cause or effect. o Next, support the point with specific reason to support the point. Make sure the evidence is properly introduced, explained, and cited. o Provide specific reasons and explanations in logical order until the point is clearly made. Use transitions to unify the paragraph. o Finally, reinforce all that has been said in the paragraph with a summary sentence.
Repeat the same process for additional body paragraphs making sure that each one is smoothly connected to the thesis and preceding paragraph.
Conclusion (1) Use one of the techniques for conclusions presented in Chapter 3 of Patterns for College Writing. Suitable conclusions might be a recommendation of a course of action or a

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