Write a 1,900 to 2,000 word

Research paper guidelines
An argument about the tet offensive in Vietnam with 3 primary and 3 secondary sources
Your assignment is to write a 1,900 to 2,000 word, not including footnotes, (about 7-8 pages) research paper about
some aspect of the Vietnam War using Primary and Secondary sources. You must use at least six (6) sources in
your paper of which no more than three (3) can come from assigned reading materials. The more outside material
you use, however, the better your grade will be on the assignment. Three (3) of your sources must be Primary, as
opposed to Secondary. We’ll discuss the difference in class.
The paper will be graded on a scale of 1-100 and is worth 20% of your course grade
Be careful not to exceed the 2,000-word limit. Part of the assignment is to learn to write in a concise fashion and to
focus closely on the topic at hand Take care not to go over the 2,000-word limit. Part of the assignment is to learn to write concisely and to concentrate intently on the topic at hand.

You must provide footnotes or endnotes to document your sources, using the Chicago Style. You may NOT
use parenthetical references. You must footnote all direct quotations, paraphrased material, ideas that are not your
own, and information that is not “common knowledge.” Material from lectures and assigned readings is NOT
common knowledge. If in doubt: FOOTNOTE! If you are not sure how to create footnotes and endnotes with your
word processing program, please see me. Failure to document your sources properly will reduce your paper
grade by up to 15 pts

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