Week 10 Practicum Journal: Checkpoint for Certification Plan

Week 10 Practicum Journal: Checkpoint for Certification Plan
Progress on Certification Plan
I am making adequate measures to ensure I have the certification on time and avoid getting late. One of the measures I am putting in place is to prepare for the certification examination. The examination is important in testing the knowledge of a student in the field of nursing. Preparing for the exam will ensure I get the required threshold to receive the certification. The preparation involves checking my notes, revising, and analyzing past certification examinations. The approach will give me a comprehensive look at the certification process and guarantee a successful application (Mundinger & Carter, 2019).
Another set of preparation is to continue working in the health settings to accumulate the right practice hours necessary to achieve the threshold. Direct-care hours are necessary for certification in the state. Healthcare workers should practice in a real environment before the certification (Dai et al., 2019). During the direct practice hours, I am holding conversations with my supervisor and preceptor about skills necessary for professional practice. I am preparing myself to ensure I have the necessary skills to practice in the healthcare practice.
I am preparing for the certification by setting aside a certain amount of funds necessary for certification. Payment for the certification is a requirement across all states. The funds will ensure I am not delayed in taking the certification examination.
The preparation for the certification involves visiting the board of nursing website in the state to review the requirement. The website contains essential data for the students preparing for the certification process. The website provides resources for the students to ensure they prepare adequately for the nursing practice. Diverse resources are vital to ensure nurses are practicing legally and ethically (Dai et al., 2019).
The state nursing website is opening my eyes to understand the unique requirements of California State for psychiatric mental nurse practitioners. For instance, I learned that some states allow nurse practitioners to practice independently upon certification. In California State, the practitioners have to work under a physician. A comparison of the states’ requirements is vital in preparing for the certification (Banaser et al., 2021). The information will help me to know the limits of my practice after the approval of my qualifications by the state. For instance, I have the information that will guide my future practice on whether to relocate to another state to practice independently.
I have learned that Nevada State allows psychiatric nurse practitioners to work independently. The approach is essential to manage the looming shortage of nurses in the healthcare sector. During my preparation, I am understanding the reasons for the two states to make different choices. Another preparation is to learn that California is planning to review the policy of mandatory supervisory relationships between nurses and physicians (Banaser et al., 2021). I have learned the roles that nurse practitioners in California can execute with and without a supervising physician. The information is critical to help me prepare adequately for the practice in California State.
I am confident that I will meet all the deadlines according to the schedule. All the tasks are on course and nothing is late. I believe that timeliness is essential for nursing practice. It demonstrates discipline and commitment to take care of patients. For instance, I frequently visit the nursing board website to find resources that can help me to prepare adequately. I also find past examinations to ensure I know the requirements for the certification examination. Reading the materials is sufficient to enhance my knowledge of the nursing practice. The materials are effective in widening the scope of knowledge of a nurse.
I am taking my time to talk to my mentor and supervisor about the timelines. The mentor and supervisor have been grateful for the progress I am making. According to Spetz and Muench (2018), timeliness is essential to demonstrate the commitment of a healthcare practitioner. I have been working with my supervisor to ensure all the documents are signed. The documentation of the practicum will be critical in proving that I have attained all the necessary practicum supervisory hours of practice. Failure to attain the mandatory supervised hours can lead to a delay in the certification due to non-compliance.
During my preparation for the certification, I am acquiring critical information about the practice in California State. The information from the board of nursing shows that nurses should attain various requirements. I am fast-tracking the requirements to ensure I meet all the deadlines. . The preparation involves checking my notes, revising, and analyzing past certification examinations. Another preparation is to learn that California is planning to review the policy of mandatory supervisory relationship between nurses and physicians. I am reading diverse resources to improve my capacity as a nurse practitioner. During the preparation, I am ensuring that noting will get behind schedule. Sticking to timeliness demonstrates discipline and commitment to take care of patients. The preparation is effective in ensuring successful certification. The board of nursing website provides the requirements and resources to help students achieve the milestone of certification.

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