watch the movie “Joker” Todd Phillips

watch the movie “Joker” Todd Phillips

Like to ask for a budget have to watch the movie “Joker” Todd Phillips. 4 pages. 1.5 space Times New Roman font, 12-point font size, 1” margins, and page numbers. 1. Introduction: Introduce your exam. Include what you will be doing and use the Rothe & Collins (2013) article to discuss the benefits of what you will be doing in this exam; cite this article properly within your introduction and on the reference page. 2. Include a summary of the film (title, year released, director, and a brief summary). What is the main theme of the movie? What relevant subplots will you be discussing later in the paper? Center on the crime/criminal or criminal justice system component while paying attention to the socio-cultural and political context where it develops. 3. Introduce the theory you will be using to guide your analysis: a brief summary of the theory(ies) that you are using to analyze the film: primary authors, central tenets, and underlying assumption of the theory concerning issues such as human nature, human agency, social order, the definition of crime and the image of the criminal. 4. Analyze the film through the lens of the theories you have selected. a. Use key concepts, propositions, assumptions from the theory to explain the situation/plot that is happening in the film. b. Refer to specific scenes and characters that illustrate the tenets of the theory. How specific concepts help to explain the theory or how the theory is supported through the scene? c. Refer to specific scenes that illustrate some of the limitations and flaws of the theory. d. *DO NOT just summarize the movie or mention the crime or criminal justice issue that is occurring and turn that in as your final assignment. You really need to analyze and apply the theory to particular scenarios* 5. Crime prevention and policy implications. a) Could the issue at the center of your selected film have been prevented/addressed either through the assumptions of the utilized theory and/or based on what you have learned in other relevant courses. If the issue/conflict at the center of the film was addressed within the film (crime prevention or control), is it in line with the theoretical assumptions of utilized theory? Explain. b) Provide policy recommendations for either the local, city, state or federal governments to address the issue at hand within the film analyzed. You can focus on crime prevention, system reform, legal proposals, etc.

6. Conclusion: Summarize your exam, key findings and takeaways, and recommendations for readers. Refer back to the Rothe and Collins (2013) article to explain the benefit of the approach you took for the exam.

i provided the Rothe and Collins (2013) pages

these are the thoeries you can use

Deterrence & Rational Choice Theories, Radical & Critical Theories, Developmental & Life-Course Theories, Routine Activities Theory, Psychological Theories, Social Learning Theory, Labeling & Reintegrative Shaming Theory, Social Disorganization Theory, Conflict Theory,

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