W2: Discussion Question 1 SoC 110

W2: Discussion Question 1
SoC 110
Do you think it is possible to feel that your particular “way of life” is the best, without being ethnocentric in your beliefs? Can you think of any examples to support your position?
WK2 Application Assignment 0)A
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Please read the article by Horace Miner “The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema,” and address parts A, B and C.
Body Ritual among the Nacirema http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1525/aa.1956.58.3.02a00080/abstract
A) Think of a culture that has any similarities to the norms and values described
in this essay?
Do you believe that the political and economic system in this society is a democracy? Why or why not?
Using the sociological perspective, how would you analyze the behaviors of the citizens who live in this society.
Expectations: Essay (500 minimum word count), following APA formatting guidelines. Be sure to include an APA formatted reference page.
WK2 Quizz (SOC110)
Question 1(1 point)
Which of the following examples does not illustrate a conflict over culture?
Question 1 options:
A) Different states have different speed limits on their state highways.
B) In the 1990s, watchdog groups required albums with lyrics deemed offensive to
be labeled with a parental warning.
C) In the 1950s, a Senate subcommittee investigated the dangers of comic books.
D) At the heart of many debates over public school dress codes is the claim that some
clothes—such as leggings, or tops with narrow straps—sexualize girls. Some people
argue that they do, while others argue that it is not clothing itself but the policies
about them that sexualize girls.Question 2(1 point)
The work of society is to teach its people the social meaning of its culture. This process is termed
Question 2 options:
A) encoding
B) socialization
C) cultural imperialism
D) cultural hierarchyQuestion 3(1 point)
What is the thesis of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America?
Question 3 options:
A) All nations that developed from former British settler colonies
(Canada, the U.S., Australia) share a common culture.
B) Democracy was more likely to develop in cultures that are Protestant.
C) English-speaking nations are more likely to develop capitalism.
D) American values include individualism, hard work, economic success, and
religious and political freedom.Question 4(1 point)
When Durkheim argued that beliefs are primarily social, he meant that
Question 4 options:
A) each generation must create its beliefs on its own, apart from the influence of
previous generations
B) individuals have tremendous power in changing ideology
C) what we believe is shaped by the groups to which we belong
D) most of the time, most people resist believing what they are taught; they must be
coerced into itQuestion 5(1 point)
Karl Marx is the sociologist who articulated the concept(s) of
Question 5 options:
A) discourse
B) ideology
C) encoding and decoding
D) active audiencesQuestion 6(1 point)
When people are taught, whether through implicit instruction or modeling, how to act, think, and even feel according to the rules of their culture, they are experiencing
Question 6 options:
A) socialization
B) generalization
C) normalization
D) bureaucratizationQuestion 7(1 point)
According to Freud, the super-ego is
Question 7 options:
A) our memory for perceived injuries and slights; it is where we hold our grudges
B) where we store our affection for our parents and our fear of their disappointment in us
C) our unconscious desires to hurt those we see as competitors, even if we also think we love them
D) the part of the mind that serves as our conscience, telling us what is moralQuestion 8(1 point)
The theory of the looking glass self says that
Question 8 options:
A) people are vain and so look to others who physically look like themselves as role models
B) we develop a social self based on how we think other people perceive us
C) people cannot “see” themselves clearly unless someone forces them do so by
pointing out their weaknesses
D) the process of socialization is so delicate that people rarely forget even the most
minor corrections or insultsQuestion 9(1 point)
What happens, according to George Herbert Mead, during the game stage of child development?
Question 9 options:
A) Children invent games to impress each other with their creativity.
B) Children become very upset when others cheat because they value fairness, but they
invent exceptions to the rules when doing so benefits them.
C) Children seek their parents’ attention by arguing with their friends and siblings
over the rules of games.
D) Children learn problem-solving skills, including how to get along with peers when
they disagree about the rules of play.Question 10(1 point)
Socialization contributes to the social construction of reality because it
Question 10 options:
A) encourages us to listen to our gut when we see a misalignment between
someone’s behaviors and the values they claim to have
B) teaches people in a society what is “natural” and makes it harder for them to
consider alternatives to the way things are in a society
C) rewards people who challenge unfair power dynamics
D) discourages consumer consumptionQuestion 11(5 points)
Recall a recent social interaction you had and analyze it using dramaturgical theory
Please write in full sentences. You will be graded on both writing clarity and the degree to which you demonstrate your understanding of the steps in the research process.
Question 11 options:


The article “Body Ritual among the Nacirema” by Horace Miner is a satirical look at American culture. Miner describes the Nacirema as a people who are obsessed with their bodies and who engage in a variety of strange and ritualistic behaviors in an attempt to cleanse themselves of sin and disease.

Miner’s article is a good example of the sociological perspective of cultural relativism. Cultural relativism is the idea that cultures should be judged on their own terms, rather than by the standards of another culture. Miner shows how the Nacirema’s body rituals may seem strange to us, but they make perfect sense within the context of their culture.

The Nacirema’s obsession with cleanliness is a reflection of their belief that the body is a source of sin and disease. They believe that by cleansing their bodies, they can ward off these evils. The Nacirema’s body rituals are also a way of asserting their social status. The more elaborate and expensive the rituals, the higher the social status of the person performing them.

Miner’s article is a reminder that our own culture is not the only one that has strange and ritualistic behaviors. Every culture has its own unique way of understanding the world and its place in it. By understanding other cultures, we can better understand ourselves.

To answer your question, I believe that it is possible to feel that your particular “way of life” is the best, without being ethnocentric in your beliefs. This is because cultural relativism does not mean that all cultures are equal. It simply means that we should not judge other cultures by the standards of our own.

There are many ways to feel that your particular “way of life” is the best, without being ethnocentric. One way is to focus on the positive aspects of your culture. What are the things that make your culture unique and special? What are the things that you admire about your culture?

Another way to feel that your particular “way of life” is the best, without being ethnocentric, is to learn about other cultures. The more you learn about other cultures, the more you will appreciate the unique ways that people all over the world live their lives.

Finally, it is important to remember that culture is not static. It is constantly changing and evolving. Just because your culture is different from another culture does not mean that it is better or worse. It simply means that it is different.

By focusing on the positive aspects of your culture, learning about other cultures, and remembering that culture is constantly changing, you can feel that your particular “way of life” is the best, without being ethnocentric.

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