Using the company’s 10-K report

Using the company’s 10-K report you chose in Week 1, please complete the following and post to the discussion board. Your answer should be at least 300 words in length and you should submit the Excel worksheet that shows your calculations along with the income statement and balance sheet information you are using to make these calculations. Submit this assignment through the direct link, located within the Week 5 Assignments Folder. Required: Use Excel to: 1. Calculate the ratios listed below for the current and past year of the company you are researching. Make sure you are using the financial data from the annual reports to calculate your ratios, so that anyone can track your calculations. 2. Review the ratios you calculated for your company for the current and past year, and discuss the operating performance, liquidity, and financial strength of the company. Return on Investment EBIT/Capital Employed Page 214 using return on capital employed. Page 216 text discusses how this ratio is calculated many ways but need to be consistent Return on Total Assets EBIT/Total Assets (p. 215) Return on Equity Net Income/Equity (p. 236) Operating Profit Margin EBIT/Revenue (p. 218) Asset Turnover Revenue/Net Operating Assets (p. 220) Working Capital Turnover Revenue/Working Capital (p. 225) Current Ratio Current Assets/Current Liabilities (p. 230) Earnings Per Share on Common Stock Net Income/# of Shares Outstanding (p. 236) Price-Earnings Ratio Share Price/EPS (p. 236) Dividends Yield Annual Dividend/Share Price (p. 239)

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