The Civil War, Walt Whitman’s thoughts

TOPIC: The Civil War, Walt Whitman’s thoughts
The response should be roundabout (750) words long. —————————————————————–Discuss Whitman’s manner of conveying thoughts about the war (civil war). Which of his poems about the war do you find most or least compelling in their statement about the conflict? Are these poems effective in their treatment of war? —————————————————————– what is needed is a Work whose argument is well-structured and leads to a clear conclusion. It supports its argument with quotation and, where appropriate, close reading. It recognizes the existence of alternative points of view and debates with and develops points made in secondary sources. It shows evidence of real critical engagement with the poem. read various war poems by Walt Whitman and come up with your own answer after understanding the poems completely. Don’t answer the question in succession, rather, use them to inform a consistent statement about the poem. Try to pull the whole together. Do NOT plagiarize in any way shape or form.

Walt Whitman was a poet who wrote extensively about the American Civil War, and his poetry reflects his deeply held beliefs about the conflict and its impact on the nation. In his poems about the war, Whitman often conveys his thoughts through vivid imagery and strong emotional language.

One of Whitman’s most famous poems about the war is “Drum-Taps,” which is a collection of poems that reflects his experiences as a nurse during the conflict. In this collection, Whitman uses vivid imagery and powerful language to convey the horrors and the human cost of the war. One of the poems from “Drum-Taps,” “The Wound-Dresser,” is particularly compelling in its statement about the conflict, as it describes the suffering and resilience of the wounded soldiers that Whitman cared for.

Other poems about the war that are notable for their treatment of the conflict include “The Artilleryman’s Vision,” which reflects Whitman’s feelings about the destructive power of the war, and “Reconciliation,” which discusses the need for healing and unity after the war.

I would say that Whitman’s poems about the war are effective in their treatment of the conflict. Through his powerful language and vivid imagery, he is able to convey the emotional impact of the war on the individuals who experienced it, as well as the broader consequences for the nation. His poems about the war are moving and thought-provoking, and they continue to be relevant and meaningful today.

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