Technology and Social Anxiety

Technology and Social Anxiety
The topic I chose was technology and social anxiety. Four of the sources must present why technology causes social anxiety and the other four sources must present why technology does not cause social anxiety. For this essay, my professor is very particular. She wants 8 credible sources to be sited with three paragraphs written per source. For Example: Credible source Paragraph 1: Summary – does not include your opinion; develops what the author states in your own words (150-200 words) Paragraph 2 :Analysis – does not include your opinions; develops audience, voice, purpose, logos, ethos, pathos, strengths, and/or weaknesses of the source; include credibility, reliability, bias of source (150-200 words) Paragraph 3: Response – your reply to what the author states including, but not limited to, how you intend to use it in your argumentative essay (50-100 words) & repeat in that exact order 8 times

Technology, specifically social media and the internet, has had a significant impact on social anxiety and the way people interact with one another.

On the one hand, technology can be a helpful tool for people with social anxiety as it provides a way for them to connect with others and participate in social interactions without the need for face-to-face contact. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with anxiety in social situations or who have difficulty making friends in person.

However, technology can also contribute to social anxiety in several ways. For example, social media platforms can create pressure to present a perfect version of oneself online and can lead to feelings of inadequacy or comparison with others. Additionally, the constant availability of technology can make it difficult for people to disconnect and relax, leading to increased stress and anxiety.

It is important for individuals to find a balance in their use of technology and to be aware of its potential impact on their mental health. This may involve setting boundaries around technology use, seeking support from friends and loved ones, and seeking professional help if necessary.

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