Social Psychology Network

Students at large universities often have the chance to participate in ongoing research — often through
the psychology department. You can also participate online in a Social Psychology study through the
Social Psychology Network. This purpose of the assignment is to provide you an opportunity to assess
research by applying your knowledge base (hopefully gained during our time together) of psychology and
psychological research.
The Assignment
Visit the Social Psychology Network and participate in a social psychology study of your choice. Click
here to go directly to the experiments. After participating in the experiment address the following in a
1. Introduction: The area of social psychology that your study is in (group dynamics, race relations,
economic choice, etc). Review at least one article from the library sources (use CCCC online
library) that deals with your topic area. Discuss the points made in the article
2. Methodology: What type of online experiment did you participate in? Do you feel the
methodological approach is valid? Refer back to chapter one to review information on issues
with surveys and with samples/ populations. You may want to research this topic further using
the online resources from the CCCC library in order to better support your points. Identify the
advantages and disadvantages of being able to participate online.
3. Summary: Reflect on your experience. What did you learn? Was the experience worthwhile?
Refer to the “Online Resources” folder under the Library button to the left for additional help with this
Formatting Requirements
• One-inch margins.
• 12-point Times New Roman font.
• Double line spacing.
• References should be listed on a separate page. Psychology uses the word “Reference” on the
source page, not “Works Cited” (which is MLA-English Literature format-please don’t use).
• Use APA Formatting Guide to create accurate citations and documentation to give credit for any
resource material used in your answers. You do not need to include an abstract in your
paper. You do need to include a cover page and reference page in APA format. Also refer to the
folder of materials on using APA format (video, PPT, link to APA website PPT on use of format).
• Your paper should have at least two pages of written text (not including references and cover
• Do not cut and paste chunks of information into the article review. Some quotation is fine but I
want to see your understading of the article written in you own words as well.
To Submit
Using Microsoft Word or rich text format (I am unable to open wordperfect or other programs), save the
document with a filename that includes the assignment title, your first initial, and last name.
Submit the paper through the assignment portal below.

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