Social Movement Discussion

Social Movement Discussion
STEP 1: Select a current social movement and complete research about its lifecycle. Research information about the movement’s origin, its purpose, goals, etc.
STEP 2: In a similar graphic to what you created in the Sociologist Playing Cards assignment, create a diagram/infographic of the social movement. Include information about its roots, purpose, and goals, and note how these fit into and evolve with the movement’s lifecycle. Either in the poster, or included in a separate explanatory paragraph, describe each stage of all the lifecycles discussed in the module, even if the social movement has not completed the entire lifecycle. Make predictions for the future of your chosen movement. Include proper APA citations (with at least two sources) either in the infographic or on a separate page.
Helpful links for making infographics or posters:
• Easelly • Canva
STEP 3: Share your creation with other students in this class. Please respectfully comment on at least two other students’ posts.
Optional: IF you are feeling very motivated, feel free to share your creativity with the world so that others can benefit from your work! Using either Flickr or Wikimedia Commons, upload your finished product and publish it so that other sociology instructors and students can view your work. Although not required, we strongly recommend uploading and releasing your work with a Creative Commons license.
Criteria Ratings Researches and accurately describes the lifecycle of an appropriate social Movement movement and Research
provides detail about its origin, purpose, goals, etc.
Researches a social movement and provides information about its lifecycle and origin, but in insufficient depth
Researches a social movement but provides little or inaccurate information about its lifecycle and origin, in insufficient depth

Sample Answers:
Social Movement Discussion
Yareli Franco-Cruz posted Nov 23, 2022 9:49 PM * Subscribe
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is a global social organization formed in California on September 5, 1980. This campaign arose in response to the loss of Cari Lightner, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident by an inebriated driver. Candace Lightner, the mother, was the founder of this group and worked relentlessly to reform legislation and find a way to transform her suffering into a purpose. Their objective is to “stop drunk driving, assist in the battle against drugged driving, support victims of these horrific crimes, and prevent underage drinking” (MADD, 2022). This nonprofit has quickly risen in size, receiving over $40 million in annual financing and employing 2,013 people as of August 2022. (Bryant, Terry 2022). MADD has also established a number of collaborations to help keep families and roads safe. They have been a highly successful movement, having cut the number of drunk driving deaths in half. They also calculated that 350,000 lives have been saved and 850,000 victims’ lives have been assisted since the movement’s inception.
MADD. (2022). Our History. Madd. Terry Bryant. (2022). The History of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Accident &
Injury Law.

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