SOC 210 SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT- Critical Thinking Assessment

SOC 210 SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT- Critical Thinking Assessment
• Read the article selected by your instructor.
• Then, choose a theoretical perspective, and from that perspective, describe the author’s position and what the author is assuming from that position.
• Think of any problems might result from the author’s position and at least one potential objections to the author’s position.
Assignment Value:
50 points/10% of course grade; equal weight within the assignment given to Parts A, B, C, and D
Short answer format with 1-2 paragraphs per section.
Upon reading your assigned article, in an appropriate manner approaching this as a student of sociology, label each section in your assignment and complete the following:
• Part A: State the author’s position taken in the article. What is the main claim the author is making? (12.5 points)
• Part B: Identify at least two assumptions being made by the author. What is the author accepting as truth, and what might be the author’s bias for these positions? (12.5 points)
• Part C: Find at least one possible objection to the author’s position. What reason might someone have to disagree with part of, or all of, the author’s position? (12.5 points)
• Part D: Think of at least one problem that might result from the author’s position. What is the potential impact of the author’s position being carried out? (12.5 points)

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