Shipping Business Analytics assignment

Shipping Business Analytics

Program name: BS.c. in International Shipping and Trade

Course name: Shipping Business Analytics

Exam type: Ordinary

Examination type: Individual Written Assignment – 48 hours
Exam date and time: Nov 4, 2022, 12pm- Nov 6, 2022, 6 pm

The exam assignment contains: 2 Questions and 4 pages (including frontpage and instruction)


This exam assignment contains 3 questions. Read each question carefully and provide answers to all questions and sub-questions.
 Preparation of the assignment:
 Whenever appropriate, provide the intermediate steps, explanations and/or calculations that you used to achieve your answer.
 Comment on your calculation and results to support your analysis.
 If assumptions are missing, provide the appropriate assumptions yourself.
 Use correct terminology, high standard of English scientific writing, a plausible structure, standard formatting of text, table, figures, sources and references.
 DO NOT copy the questions in your answers.
 Write your CBS student number on the answer file.

 Submission of the assignment:
 The final submission is a PDF document with max 10 pages, including tables and figures. A supplementary Excel file can be included as an appendix.
 Your answers are to be handed in through the Digital Exam platform.

Exam questions

Question 1. Relationship of freight rate and asset value
Choose a particular tanker vessel type (eg. VLCC/ULCC, Suezmax or Aframax). Then select one of the 1-year time charter rates for the selected vessel type from Clarkson SIN.
For the selected tanker type, please answer the following questions:
1) Please present the WEEKLY 1-year time charter rates (from Jan 2022 to present) in the line chart and discuss its rate development.
2) Please make a linear regression model for analysing the relationship between 1-year time charter rate and tanker’s newbuilding price by:
 Plot the time charter rate and newbuilding price in one scatter plot
 Estimate their correlation
 Make the linear regression analysis
 Analyse the regression output and residual output
 Discuss and comment on your results

Q 2. Green price premium
Premium in time charter rate for energy efficient ships could provide incentives for shipowners and charterers to invest. Please download the following five time series (MONTHLY data) from Clarkson SIN for the period Aug 2019-present.

1 Year Time charter rate 180,000 dwt bulkercarrier, $/day
1 Year Timecharter rate 180,000 dwt Eco bulkercarrier, $/day 3 Year Timecharter rate 180,000 dwt bulkercarrier, $/day
3 Year Timecharter rate 180,000 dwt Eco bulkercarrier, $/day Clarksons Average Bulker Earnings (E)1

Based on the above data, please answer the following questions:
1) Please estimate the price premium for 1-year time charter rate (P1) and for 3-year time charter rate (P2), respectively.
2) Present the E, P2 and P1 in one chart.
3) Explain the relationship of E, P2 and P1 and reasons for that.

1 under Clarkson time series-‘Bluker General’-‘Earnings’

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