Reflection and Development of Competencies

What have you done, what insights have you gained, what have you learned about yourself and what progress have you made throughout the semester for the two competence areas that you selected in assignment #1 that is communication and networking and self-awareness and development.
Topics to include:-
• What suitable, concrete next steps can you take to further cultivate these two competences?
Evaluate these steps.
In this essay you will address the following issues:
• Reflection: discuss key activities undertaken throughout the semester and reflect on learning
and insights gained and how they matter for your professional career. You will also evaluate
and analyse your own progress on the development of your two chosen competencies.
• Development steps: for each of your two chosen competences describe concrete future steps
that can help develop these competencies further. Critically evaluate your plans for further
competence development.

Create hypothetical scenarios that a student can do in university during semester course i.e. participation of any kind, in debates, in competitions etc. and personal development like going to gym daily for self-development competency. And create a summary report in 1000 words using all theories below!! Re draw and rewrite theories with our context!!

Theory 1 johari window for self awareness, theory 2 4d framework , theory 3 professional network review table for network analysis and improvement.

Reflection and Development of Competencies: Communication and Networking, Self-Awareness and Development

Throughout the semester, I have actively engaged in activities and experiences to develop my chosen competencies of communication and networking, as well as self-awareness and development. In this essay, I will reflect on the key activities undertaken, share the insights gained, evaluate my progress, and outline suitable next steps to further cultivate these competencies.

Reflection on Communication and Networking Competence:
During the semester, I participated in various activities that enhanced my communication skills. I actively engaged in class discussions, contributed to group projects, and delivered presentations. Through these experiences, I learned the importance of effective verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and adapting my communication style to different audiences. Additionally, I gained insights into the power of clear and concise messaging, as well as the significance of empathy and understanding in fostering productive relationships.

In terms of networking, I attended networking events, joined professional organizations related to my field of study, and connected with professionals through online platforms. These experiences allowed me to expand my professional network, establish valuable connections, and gain industry insights. I learned the art of building and maintaining relationships, the significance of mutual support and collaboration, and the benefits of leveraging a diverse network for personal and professional growth.

Evaluation of Progress in Communication and Networking:
Through these experiences, I have made significant progress in both communication and networking competencies. I have developed more confidence in expressing my ideas, improved my ability to articulate complex concepts clearly, and refined my active listening skills. Additionally, I have successfully expanded my professional network, which has provided me with valuable opportunities, mentorship, and access to a broader range of perspectives.

Concrete Next Steps for Communication and Networking Competence:
To further cultivate my communication competence, I plan to:

Engage in public speaking opportunities: I will actively seek out opportunities to deliver presentations, participate in debates, or join public speaking clubs. By challenging myself to speak in front of diverse audiences, I can continue refining my communication skills and build confidence in my ability to convey complex ideas effectively.

Seek feedback and coaching: I will actively seek feedback from professors, peers, and mentors on my communication style and areas for improvement. Additionally, I will explore opportunities for communication coaching or workshops to enhance specific aspects of my communication skills, such as storytelling or persuasive communication.

Regarding networking competence, my future steps include:

Attend industry conferences and events: I will proactively seek out industry-specific conferences and events to expand my network and stay updated on the latest trends and developments. By actively engaging with professionals in my field, I can deepen my industry knowledge and establish connections with key stakeholders.

Strengthen online presence: I will invest time in building a strong online presence through professional networking platforms, such as LinkedIn. I will regularly share relevant content, engage in discussions, and connect with professionals in my field. By showcasing my expertise and actively participating in online communities, I can expand my network beyond geographical boundaries.

Reflection on Self-Awareness and Development Competence:
Throughout the semester, I prioritized personal development by engaging in activities aimed at enhancing self-awareness. I used the Johari Window theory to explore and understand my strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. Through self-reflection, feedback from peers, and self-assessment tools, I gained valuable insights into my personality traits, communication styles, and areas for improvement.

I also utilized the 4D Framework (Discover, Design, Develop, Drive) to set personal goals and create action plans for self-development. By identifying areas for growth, creating concrete plans, and monitoring my progress, I have been able to make tangible strides in my personal and professional growth.

Evaluation of Progress in Self-Awareness and Development:
By actively engaging in self-ref

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