Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter
I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Lavonda Davison who is applying for a nurse practicum program. LaVonda is a RN has been a proactive student since she enrolled for the course. The student would be a tremendous asset in the Nurse Practicum program for Gerontology at Walden University. The department prides on her academic performance and practice in the healthcare environment.
I am genuinely impressed by the performance, proactive spirit, and dedication of the student. LaVonda’s way of handling patients is commendable. She is passionate about patient care, building rapport with patients, gathering sufficient data, establishing quality relationships with families. She prides on working with various healthcare technologies to increase the chances of delivery of quality healthcare services.
LaVonda Davison has been active in the participation of weekly nursing seminars that boost the knowledge and experience of learners. She has experience working with both mock and real patients to address healthcare issues. During this time of working with real patients, she was responsive to the needs of the patients. She can apply nursing knowledge in the real environment. She has worked with critically ill patients with severe health complications and saved their lives despite slim chances of survival.
Her dedication and commitment to the nursing field make her a forerunner in your practicum opportunities. I believe she will make a significant contribution to your department upon given an opportunity. She can make a change in your department and leave a lasting impression.
I recommend LaVonda, without reservation. If you have any further questions about her background or qualifications, do not hesitate to contact me.
Dr. Sumana Ketha
Internal Medicine
2925 Skyway Circle North
Irving, TX 75038

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