RACE-IQ theory , Psychoanalytic Theories

theory paper

You will submit a 2-3 page paper in which you will discuss two criminological theories of your choice. You will use course materials/readings, but you will also need to do your own research to complete this paper. I expect you to use at least 3 academic sources other than assigned readings. In this paper I want you to pick two criminological theories we read/learned about and: 1) Describe in detail the background of each theory and its propositions/assumptions 2) Discuss the major policy implications and criticisms of each theory 3) Compare and contrast how each theory would explain methamphetamine use OR homicide OR auto theft. a. First, apply each theory to the crime you picked b. Second, compare and contrast the similarities and differences in how each theory would explain the same crime 4) Conclude your paper by discussing if the theories you picked could/should be integrated to improve them. If you think the theories you picked should be integrated with each other, then explain how the two theories would be integrated and how combining each would eliminate “holes” in the other. If you do not think the theories should be integrated then provide a justification for that stance—explain why the theories are best left “as is” rather than integrated. The Final Paper is worth 50 points. 5) You should use both in-text citations and have a references section

the two theories are RACE-IQ theory , Psychoanalytic Theories

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