Introduction (5 points)
Introduce your evidence-based practice table and synthesis. Include the problem/issue and the PIO/PICO/PICOT question (whichever one is most relevant to the topic you identified early in this course). Include rationale and support in the literature for the chosen topic/issue.
PICOT question

Introduction (5 points)

Introduce your practice table and synthesis based on evidence. Include the problem/issue as well as the

PIO/PICO/PICOT question (whichever is most relevant to the early-identified topic)

this class). Include rationale and support for the chosen topic/issue in the literature.

Good Example of Evidence Table and Synthesis Final PaperLinks to an external site.
EBNP Blank Evidence Table

PICOT question:
In women with postpartum depression (P), does the addition of cognitive behavioral therapy (I) compared to only pharmacological treatment (C) decrease the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale score (O) in 6 months-12 months (T)?

Search Strategy (5 points)
Summarize your search strategy, including inclusion and exclusion criteria for what articles you included.
Evidence Table (50 points)
• Uses provided template in the resources section to review evidence
• Includes a minimum of 15 studies no older than 10 years old from the date of publication (may be a combination of qualitative, quantitative, and meta-analysis/synthesis studies)
• Includes level of evidence and quality rating as designated in the template for each research study article
Synthesis of the Evidence Collected (25 points)
• Synthesizes all of the evidence in a succinct, logical approach
• Evidence should support a clear direction to a practice change to reduce or eliminate the identified clinical problem. If no clear direction is supported, include a discussion as to why you think it didn’t (i.e., lack of research/evidence to support a practice change)
Follows APA Format and Style (5 points)
• Includes a cover page and reference page
• Double-space narrative
• Submit evidence table as an Excel file rather than as an appendix to synthesis paper so it is easier to read

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