Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection
My inquisitive character would be effective in the healthcare environment since it would help me to focus on evidence-based practice. I prefer to use methods that have been tried and tested. I am compassionate and caring, making me a caring person for the patients. However, I have a weakness of impatience with patients who are always asking questions. I feel that I am in charge of the treatment and the patients should be calm and hope for the best. I believe that improving on my weakness is vital in boosting my performance in the healthcare environment.
I am humble enough to ask questions from my preceptor, supervisor, colleagues, and patients. I believe asking questions is a platform for learning. Learning is a continuous process that involves acquiring new information from other people and written materials. However, before I ask questions I love researching and discovering concepts on my own. I am fond of the internet since I know it can provide quality, reliable, and recent information about healthcare trends. Sometimes I feel like asking a question could make me look ignorant and less educated. I purpose to improve on this character since failure to ask questions can jeopardize my career.
I am confident enough to make decisions without second-guessing myself. The decisions I make without second-guessing are related to my specialization. For example, while carrying out a patient examination, I am confident that I can get all the information I require. I am confident of decisions to focus on some areas due to the medical history of a patient. However, I have a weakness to handle new patients with co-occurring disorders. I am less confident about the patient examination and the recommendations to make for further assessment. Asking questions can help me to reduce the risk of second-guessing.
As a patient, I would reside under my care. I am confident that I am passionate about ensuring patients receive the best care and promoting their recovery. I am always happy when I realize the patients have gone home after a successful recovery. However, one of the improvements I would take is to improve communication with patients. I dislike patients who ask multiple questions about their health condition and the future. While residing under my care I would be confident that I will make the best decisions to improve the quality of care.
Adaptability and flexibility are important skills nurses should develop. The skills will be vital in ensuring I can accommodate patients despite their diverse questions (Mollica et al., 2017). Adaptability and flexibility prepare the healthcare workers for unexpected outcomes and personalities. Communication skills is another aspect of improving my relationship with nurses. I should develop active listening to gather accurate information from the patients (Mollica et al., 2017). It will be critical to developing healthy relationships with the patients’ family members. I should embrace teamwork skills to eliminate the risk of second-guessing. An interdisciplinary approach is vital in improving the quality of decisions in the healthcare sector. Professionals should not make decisions without consulting since the focus is to ensure patient recovery (Jeong, 2017). Healthcare practice can be challenging and it requires an enduring spirit (Jeong, 2017). I will purpose to enhance my endurance to eliminate the risk of giving up on patients with diverse personalities. The future is bright for the healthcare workers who focus on continuous growth for better patient outcomes.

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