Organize & graph some physics equations for a feasibility analysis

Organize & graph some physics equations for a feasibility analysis

What I want to do is plot the equations relating to Superconductivity, flux pinning, & Diamagnetism up to high orders of magnitude.

What I want is help plotting out the growth of a diamagnetic bubble the axiom is that superconducting material of (Variable) Thickness ‘X’ is object “A” while object “B” is a magnet of Volume ‘Y’, Magnetic Field ‘Z’ , and Variable density ‘D’. & the gravity associated with them.

Essentially the iron filings experiment but with superconductive material over a spherical dipole magnet.

I would like them plotted up to the magnitudes of ‘x10^1’ to ‘x10^30’

Ranges of 1 meter to 7, 000, 000 meter radius(Diamagnetism/superconductor), Thicknesses of 1 angstrom to 1mm. Magnetic moments in the order of ‘x10^1’ to ‘x10^30’, magnet radius up to 700,000 m, & magnetic fields from 1 gauss to 1,000,000 gauss. Densities for calculating gravity can vary from 0.1g/cm3 to 20g/cm3

Please note:

A diamagnet is basically any conductor like copper. Diamagnetism is the property to expel magnetic fields through Eddy currents. When I said a diamagnetic bubble I literally meant Superconducting dust making up a bubble around a magnet

Diamagnets repel magnets according to the equation F=(|X|/μ⁰) * B² * V X=-1 for Superconductors B is the magnetic field V is the volume

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