MSN 600 Week 3: Assignment – SCOT Analysis

MSN 600 Week 3: Assignment – SCOT Analysis
Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats (SCOT) is a simple yet comprehensive way of assessing
the positive and negative forces within and outside your organization so you can be better prepared to act
effectively. It reminds the project leader to build on strengths, minimize challenges, seize opportunities,
and counteract threats.
Assignment Prompt
Each student will perform a SCOT (formerly SWOT) analysis in their practice that identifies strengths,
challenges, opportunities and threats to assist in making strategic plans and decisions in the
implementation of the EBP.
Submit a 1page essay not including reference of a SCOT analysis as it relates to your project
(Reducing BMI of Overweight and Obese Children: EBP)
Length: 1page 275 words
Format: Essay
Research: At least 3 peer reviewed reference within the last 5 years

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