Microaggression Analysis

Microaggression Analysis
The communication climate at the time of a conversation is important in creating positive outcomes (Resnick & Galupo, 2019). A conversation between a physician and a patient showed an example of a microaggression. A white patient asked a black physician if she is a sitter. The physician did not respond initially since she thought the patient was lowering her status due to her skin color. The factor that was present is that the patient thinks that all the young ladies in white lab coats are nurses or sitters. She has a mindset that black nurses are called sitters. The conversation took place as the physician was walking past a group of patients awaiting to visit another physician. One of the reasons why it happened is due to negative perceptions against the blacks and female gender. One of the ways it was resolved is when the physician simply answered she is not a sitter but a physician. She also encouraged the patient to use the appropriate words to refer to the healthcare workers.
The changes that should have occurred in the communication is the selection of appropriate words or titles. Patients or nurses should find appropriate titles to refer to others. People should avoid racist tendencies that believe some communities cannot ascend to certain positions in the healthcare practice (Cruz et al., 2019).
One of the ways of resolving and preventing such scenarios in the future is to educate the patients to use appropriate names and titles when referring to the healthcare workers. Patients should avoid assuming the positions of the practitioners (Cruz et al., 2019). Another approach is to educate the healthcare workers to respond effectively to racist comments. Efforts by the two teams can improve the quality of outcomes.

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