Media Messages

TOPIC: Media Messages

SUBJECT: Communications and Media
Create a 10 slide with speaker notes PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the following: Demonstrate how mass media may influence or create the effect in the public by distributing certain messages. Determine if there is an unethical influence on the public. Analyze the influence of digital technology on electronic and digital media. Discuss how media messages have the potential of hurting or healing sexually assaulted women. Discuss how this impacts cultural and behavioral attitude?
Mass media, including electronic and digital media, have the power to influence public opinion and shape cultural and behavioral attitudes through the messages they distribute. These messages can be conveyed through various forms of media, such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and social media platforms.

One way that mass media may influence the public is by presenting certain viewpoints or perspectives as the norm or as the only acceptable way of thinking. This can create a biased or distorted view of reality, and may lead to the marginalization or discrimination of certain groups of people.

In some cases, mass media may also be used to manipulate public opinion or to advance the interests of certain individuals or organizations. This can be done through the use of propaganda, misleading information, or other unethical practices.

Digital technology has had a significant impact on electronic and digital media, and has made it easier for media messages to be disseminated widely and quickly. This has increased the reach and influence of mass media, but has also made it easier for misinformation or propaganda to spread.

Media messages can have a profound impact on sexually assaulted women, particularly if they are portrayed in a way that is stigmatizing or blaming. This can contribute to a culture of victim-blaming and may discourage survivors from seeking help or speaking out about their experiences.

On the other hand, media messages that are sensitive and supportive of sexually assaulted women can help to break the stigma and create a more supportive culture. They can also serve as a source of information and support for survivors, and may encourage them to seek help and seek justice.

Mass media have the potential to both hurt and heal sexually assaulted women, depending on the messages they distribute and the way they are presented. It is important for media organizations to be mindful of the impact of their messages, and to strive for ethical and responsible reporting on issues related to sexual assault.

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