Management and Organizational Behavior

Management and Organizational Behavior.

Description Exercise 17: Read Annual Pay Raises (W-68-69). This is located in the color-coded workbook section in the back of your book. ( Uhl-Bien, M., Osborn, R. N., & Schermerhorn, J. R. (2014).) Organizational Behavior. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. ISBN:9781118517376 Review the exercise and complete steps 1 and 2. For this assignment, you will create an excel spreadsheet and embed the spreadsheet into your paper. Prepare a spreadsheet that includes the employee’s name, productivity index, current salary, percent, and dollar amount of the suggested raise. Make sure to total your raise column and do not exceed your budget of $10,900. The final deliverable is a paper includes your spreadsheet. Your excel spreadsheet will be inserted into your paper and referred to as Table 1. Your paper should answer the following questions. What was your overall strategy for determining your approach to the annual pay raise exercise? Did you include all the information? Did you omit any information? What were your challenges? What employee(s), if any, did you find most challenging when making your decisions? Describe the equity theory of motivation. Why is it important? Paper requirements: Your response to the questions should be written in narrative (paragraph) format rather than individual responses to the questions. Format your paper in APA and include a properly formatted title page. You do not need an abstract. Organize your paper with an Introduction, Conclusion, and a Reference List. Create headings in the body of the paper (between the Introduction and Conclusion) that are named based on the content in that section of the reflection paper and 0% plagerisam


Overall Strategy for Determining Approach:

Start by reviewing the provided exercise, “Annual Pay Raises (W-68-69),” in the color-coded workbook section of the book.
Understand the factors to consider in determining the annual pay raise, such as productivity index, current salary, budget constraints, and suggested raise percentages.
Develop a clear strategy for allocating the available budget while considering the productivity levels and fairness among employees.
Decide on an approach that balances rewarding high-performing employees, maintaining fairness, and staying within the budget.
Inclusion and Omission of Information:

Ensure that your spreadsheet includes the required information: employee’s name, productivity index, current salary, percent of raise, and dollar amount of the suggested raise.
Make sure to total the raise column and ensure that the total does not exceed the budget of $10,900.
If any additional information is provided in the exercise or if there are any specific instructions, make sure to include those details in your spreadsheet.

Reflect on the challenges you faced during the exercise. These could include determining fair raise percentages, managing the budget constraints, or making decisions based on limited information.
Discuss any difficulties in prioritizing certain employees over others and justifying your choices within the given constraints.
Identify any complexities in the decision-making process and how you addressed them.
Challenging Employees:

Analyze the employees who presented the most challenges during the decision-making process.
Consider factors such as their productivity index, current salary, and suggested raise amount.
Explain why these employees were challenging to make decisions for and any conflicts you encountered while allocating the raises.
Equity Theory of Motivation:

Describe the equity theory of motivation, which suggests that employees strive for fairness and balance in the workplace.
Explain the importance of equity theory in organizational behavior and its impact on employee motivation, satisfaction, and engagement.
Discuss how considering equity theory influenced your decision-making process in the annual pay raise exercise.
Paper Format:

Format your paper in APA style, including a properly formatted title page.
Include an introduction section that provides an overview of the assignment and sets the context for your reflection.
Use appropriate headings in the body of the paper to address each question and provide a clear structure.
Write in a narrative (paragraph) format, rather than providing individual responses to each question.
Conclude the paper by summarizing your overall experience and key takeaways from the exercise.
Include a reference list citing the sources you used, including the textbook and any other relevant materials.
Remember to proofread your paper for grammar and spelling errors and ensure it adheres to the APA style guidelines.

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