M3.5: Reflection: Gang Disruption

11/30/22, 12:37 PM M3.5: Reflection: Gang Disruption
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M3.5: Reflection: Gang Disruption
Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a text entry box or a website url
Start Assignment
Throughout this module, you have debated whether your persona would leave the gang. You have also begun to think about how reformed
gang members can make a positive contribution to society by using their first-hand knowledge to help deter people from joining gangs in
the first place. Now it is time to reflect on your experience to this point. One major point of consideration is whether you would actually be
able to leave the gang. You will explore this more in Module 4 but for now, use what you know about the gang to respond to the prompts
for this reflection.
For this ongoing assignment, you must create an online journal that will be shared at the end of each module with your instructor. You can
choose to use whatever online journal tool you are comfortable with, including potentially using Google Docs
(https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/files/16140595/download?download_frd=1) . The only requirement for the tool used is that
you can share it with your instructor and add entries as necessary.
Note: You may choose to make one entry for the entire module or you could add new entries as you complete assignments or have
significant milestones within a module. The point is for your instructor to be able to monitor your progress and for you to be able to refer
back to the journal in the future to see how you have personally evolved.
Be creative with the narrative in your journal while relating the virtual experiences through the assignments to hypothetical real-life
This journal is intended to be your personal reflection on your learning in this module and is not intended to be from the perspective of
your gang persona.
As you write your journal, ponder the following:
In Module 2, you took part in the Remedy Project. Now that you are working on developing ways to prevent people from joining gangs,
do you have any new or different thoughts about the purpose of the Remedy Project?
For the purposes of the course, you were not given a choice concerning your persona leaving the gang. Do you feel that your persona
would actually leave the gang or would they be members for life no matter what? Why do you feel this way?
What are your key take-aways from this module?
Was any of the information you learned surprising?
Was there anything you were hoping to learn in this module that was missing?
While this is intended to be a free flow of your thoughts and ideas, please be professional and use APA style for any references.
Share the link to your journal below.
The reflective journal will be graded at the end of the course and is worth 10% of your final grade. It will be assessed using the Reflections
Rubric (see below). Review the rubric carefully and contact your instructor if anything is unclear to you.
APA Style Guide
(https://owl.excelsior.edu/citation and-documentation/apa-style/)
Rubric (https://excelsior.instructure.com
d l d f
11/30/22, 12:37 PM M3.5: Reflection: Gang Disruption
https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/assignments/897006 2/2
Total Points: 100
Criteria Ratings Pts
100 pts
p y )
Return to Learning Pathway (https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/31581/pages/module-3-learning-pathway)
Reflections 100 pts
Submission addresses student
learning with specific examples and
thoughtful insight.
85 pts
Submission addresses
student learning with some
examples and insight.
55 pts
Minimally Responsive
Submission addresses student learning
but does not provide examples and
offers little insight.
0 pts
assignment is
not submitted.

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