List the components of PKI?

Questions (Choose 5): List the components of PKI? Then describe each component and its function. What is physical security? List and describe the primary threats to physical security? Explain how they are manifested in attacks against the organization? What are certification and accreditation when applied to information systems security management? List and describe at least two certification or accreditation processes. Mandatory: You’ve been hired by an investment company with 500 employees to serve as their Information Systems Security Manager. Your first task from the Chief Information Officer is to write a series of policies and procedures as the company has nothing in place. Where is a good place to start your research? (hint: read you mid-term questions) List at least 3 polices and procedures that you would work on first and explain why these three should be considered early. Recommend a password policy (# and mixture of characters) and why your chose that length and mixture. List and describe the three primary aspects of information security risk management? Explain why each is important? If the C.I.A. triangle is incomplete, why is it so commonly used in security? Explain what value an automated asset inventory system has for the risk identification process?

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