Introduction to Metrology Written Assignment

Course: Introduction to Metrology Written Assignment 3 United States weather information is provided by NOAA at . You will have access to a wealth of information at no charge. There are literally dozens of ways to see the United States in images overlain with radar, infrared, visible, water vapor, precipitation, frontal, forecasts and other color-coded or visual and text information. Review these maps and Write a broad but descriptive overview of the total information available here, as if writing a guide for someone you want to teach. Then zoom in your assignment focus and select six (6) U.S. maps of your choice that you observed and that may have caught your interest and describe what is seen on these maps, why it is important, and, based on your learning and further research, how this particular information is used to forecast/understand the weather. In short, how and why is this information important for a “working meteorologist” to do their job. For this exercise you will need to capture a picture example of each of the six maps to include with your assignment as the basis of your review and discussion. One way is to print out and then scan the information into your written report. One other way is to use your browser abilities. For Internet Explorer users, open the browser to the picture you want and use your mouse. Hover over the image, use the right-click to bring up the menu and select “Save picture as”. Save the picture to a known location and then insert the image into your report at the appropriate location using the insert function of your document software (such as WORD). Online course participant should have the mastery of such image capture skills for electronic transfer or will need to develop them during the course to meet such requirements. Note: This written assignment needs to be 5 pages in length (not including references or diagrams) with 1.5 spacing and 12-point Times New Roman or New Courier font. Please include references and diagrams if applicable. The references should follow the main text and any diagrams should be included in the body of the narrative. The writing assignment should contain (in this order): Title Page (not included in total pages) Abstract Introduction Narrative Summary References (not included in total papers)

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