Implementing and Evaluating Interventions Reflection Paper

Final Reflection
Implementing and Evaluating Interventions Reflection Paper
Due: Week 12 (Sunday by 11:59pm EST)
Purpose / Course Objectives:
This assignment requires students to:

Problem-solve how to include caregivers, teachers, and families in supporting play-based interventions.
Implement developmentally-appropriate child-lead interventions.
Evaluate the design, planning, and implementation of a play-based, child-lead intervention.

Step 1: Plan a Child-Lead, Play-Based Intervention
Consider the location, materials needed, etc. Anticipate problems or issues that might arise and have a plan to resolve them within your session. (NOTE: you do NOT have to submit your plan as part of the assignment; this step will not be graded).
Step 2: Implement the Intervention Implement the intervention plan from Step 1.
You may implement the intervention with a child at your placement or a child you know in your personal life. If you can’t implement the intervention with a child, ask a classmate, friend or family member to play the role of a young child – but ideally, you try it out with a child.
Step 3: Document & Monitor Progress
Document the child’s behaviour, what happened during the session, and what you did/said during the session. Think about what information will be most helpful in informing your reflections and evaluation of the intervention session.
Step 4: Evaluate the Intervention
Use the information from Step 2 to evaluate the effectiveness of the child-led, play-based intervention.
Step 5: Prepare a Reflection Paper
Once you have completed steps 1-3, prepare a reflection paper that includes the following requirements:

Implementing the Intervention: Briefly describe what happened during your child-lead intervention session. What did the child say/do? What did you say/do?
Progress Monitoring: What specific behaviours did the child demonstrate to support your evaluation of the activity’s effectiveness?
a. What went well?
b. What challenges did you encounter?
c. Overall, do you think the session was productive?
d. What would you do differently next time?
e. How could you include caregivers, teachers, and families in supporting play-based interventions for young children?

Format and Submission
Your reflection paper should be no longer than FOUR double-spaced pages. References, in 7th Ed. APA format, must be included on a separate sheet. Please include a title page. NOTE: The title page and references do not count toward the 4-page limit.
Submit your assignment to the appropriate Dropbox folder. Email submissions will not be accepted.
The due date for this assignment, per the Course Schedule in the Outline, is the Sunday of Week 12 (i.e. the Sunday AFTER the last lecture).
Grading Rubric for the Final Reflection Paper Assignment
Your Final Reflection Paper Assignment has a 60-point value and is worth 30% of your overall mark. Specifically, you will be assessed by the instructor according to this RUBRIC.

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