First and Second Language Acquisition

Working in a small group in class, brainstormyour understanding offirst and second language acquisition. List your ideas. Identify references you could use, especially content from the unit.
Think about
how babies start to learn language
language as a social act
theorising about the process of language acquisition
Brainstorm and list all the ideas you have on
language diversity and multilingualism,
the languages of Australia, including Aboriginal languages
communication through various modes such assigned languages,non-verbal communication,visual communication
the 100 languages of children
the arts as communication
Now, working together, collate your ideas on paper and create aroughmind map of thegrouping andinterconnectivity of concepts. You may produce more than one map if you have different ideas about how to do it, but you must work together.
Create a Mind Map expressing your emerging understanding of first and second language acquisition and how children learn to communicate in various ways.Include consideration of First Nations Perspectives.


First and Second Language Acquisition

Babies start to learn language from the moment they are born.

They are exposed to language through their environment, including the people they interact with, the media they consume, and the environment around them.

They begin to learn the sounds of language, the meaning of words, and the rules of grammar.

Language acquisition is a complex process that involves many different factors, including the child’s cognitive abilities, their social and emotional development, and the language environment they are exposed to.

Language is a social act.

It is used to communicate with others, to share ideas and emotions, and to build relationships.

Children learn language by interacting with others and by observing how language is used in their environment.

There are many different theories about the process of language acquisition.

Some theories focus on the role of innate abilities, while others focus on the role of environmental factors.

There is no single theory that can fully explain the process of language acquisition, but research has shown that both innate abilities and environmental factors play a role.

Language diversity and multilingualism are important aspects of human communication.

There are over 6,500 languages spoken in the world today, and many people are multilingual.

Multilingualism has many benefits, including improved cognitive skills, increased job opportunities, and a better understanding of other cultures.

Australia is a multilingual country with over 250 languages spoken.

Aboriginal languages are an important part of the Australian cultural landscape.

The Australian government has a commitment to protecting and promoting Aboriginal languages.

Communication can take place through various modes, including spoken language, written language, sign language, and non-verbal communication.

Each mode of communication has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Children learn to communicate in a variety of ways, and the mode of communication they use will depend on the situation.

The 100 languages of children refers to the many different ways that children communicate.

Children use a variety of verbal and non-verbal strategies to communicate their ideas and feelings.

The 100 languages of children are an important part of their development.

The arts are a powerful form of communication.

They can be used to express ideas, emotions, and experiences in a variety of ways.

The arts can be used to promote understanding and tolerance between different cultures.

First Nations Perspectives

Aboriginal people have a rich history of language and communication.
Aboriginal languages are complex and sophisticated systems of communication.
Aboriginal people have many different ways of communicating, including through storytelling, song, dance, and art.
Aboriginal people have a deep understanding of the importance of language and communication.
They use language to connect with their culture, their community, and their land.

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