Final Design Project

Final Design Project Rubric
For your final design project, you will be working on your own. You will be preparing a
presentation as a lighting designer for me, your director. You will be doing research and creating
documentation that a lighting designer prepares before the first meeting with a director and
production team. A simple scenic ground plan will be posted to Brightspace to inform your
design choices.
1. Script Analysis
o Read the play once for fun. Write down your initial thoughts and reactions to the
script. Did you like the play? What parts did you like? What does the play make
you think of? What does it make you feel? Collect images, sounds, textures,
anything you associate with the script.
o Read the play again. This time look for any specific lighting requirements and any
suggested lighting requirements written in the script. It is easiest to format these
requirements in a chart like this:
Page # Suggested Required
o Once you have your chart, write a short paper that answers the following
• Who is the protagonist? Antagonists? Is it clear cut?
• What is the structure of the plot? Is the script linear with a clear beginning,
middle, and end? Does it leap around in time?
• What is the theme/themes of the play?
• What are elements of spectacle that the playwright uses and to what
2. Design Concept
o Using your associations and analysis to help you, decide what the play is about.
Decide how your lighting is going to help tell the story. Thinking about the
controllable qualities of light and write a short paragraph explaining what you
hope your lighting will accomplish. This is separate from your script analysis.
o Find between 12 and 15 research images (include background research, evocative
research, and conceptual research) of light that you feel creates the world of the
play. Make sure images are not blurry or watermarked. Image quality will be part
of your grade.
This Script Analysis and Design Concept should all be typed up and turned in on
Brightspace as a Word document by 11:59PM on November 29th.
3. Cue List
o Develop a cue list that shows where lighting changes are going to happen with a
brief description of what the cue is going to look like. For example:
Script Page # Cue # Purpose of Cue Description
3 1 Top of scene Blue color from SR
Lavender Downlight
Light blue from the
5 2 Transition Dark blue downlight
Your cue list should be an extension of your Suggested/Required chart. This is
where you will make your own choices outside of what’s required by the script.
4. Lighting Key
o Create a lighting key, or multiple if necessary, for your show. This key will
include color and texture information. For examples of a lighting key, refer to
chapters 8 and 13.
5. Presentation
o Finally, present all your paperwork, design concept, and research images during
the week of December 5th to December 9th during your regularly scheduled lab
time. I want a short explanation of your associations, how you landed on your
design concept, and an explanation of the research images that you selected. I
want to know how those images are going to help tell the story. In other words,
tell me about the controllable qualities of light in your research images that you
would want to implement if this were a real production.
Your Presentation should be submitted to me on Brightspace by 11:59pm on December 4th
before you present in lab the week of December 5th to December 9th

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