Fall 2022 Production Response

Response Paper: Fall 2022 Fall 2022 Production Response Guidelines You will soon be watching Flyin’ West* and writing a response in the form of a theatrical review
A production response paper is a critical analysis written in response to a full theatrical production viewed as an audience member. In a professional setting, the equivalent would be a theatrical review. Examples of theatrical reviews will be posted in Blackboard for reference. Important details on grading:
• Papers are graded with a rubric worth 45 points total • Papers will receive an additional 5 points for meeting all guidelines, including on time submission; late submissions forfeit all guideline points • Papers submitted more than one week after the due date will incur additional deductions as per the class lateness policy
General Guidelines
• Papers must: o have informative, suggestive titles, o present and defend a thesis about the significance of the play and the effectiveness of the production, o and demonstrate an understanding of the script’s characters, plot, themes, and potential impact/meaning. • If you write a synopsis to include, keep it brief and include only details you need to support your arguments. • Do include appropriately cited text from the script and appropriately acknowledged details from the production to support your arguments (cited paraphrasing is acceptable if access to the text of the script is not available.) • Be sure to describe and evaluate all of the components of the production that impact and contribute to the audience’s experience of the play including: o directorial/creative choices, o cast performances, o and technical and design elements. • All papers must cite the production in a “Works Cited” section regardless of whether quotes/paraphrasing from the script is included. Papers without this will receive an automatic 0 and must be resubmitted, which may cause resubmission to be considered late. • Credit artists where & when you discuss their work (designers, performers, playwrights, etc.)
Papers are due by 11:59pm 10 Days after the last performance of Flyin’ West. (November 29, 2022)
Format and length guidelines for this review are as follows:
• Typed and formatted using MLA style and standard guidelines • 750-1000 words

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