Extra Credit Opportunity

Extra Credit Opportunity
APSM 3332 (Professor Newberg)
FALL 2022
1. Attend any SMU sporting event or arts performance by the first week in December and identify one
of the following:
o A potential hazard or issue from a risk management perspective
o An action that appears to have been taken to address or minimize a potential risk management issue
2. Submit the following:
o A writeup (“Inspection Report”) of the risk management issue or action as if you were the one hired
to inspect the venue and consult with the business owner/management regarding what you saw
o In addition to your writeup, you must also include the following in the Inspection Report:
o A photo identifying the risk management issue or action; plus
o A selfie showing you at the event/performance
o 100-word minimum on the write-up
Should you opt to complete this assignment, your Inspection Report must be submitted on Canvas by 11:59
p.m. on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.
This assignment, if completed as outlined above, is worth up to two points added to your final grade in the
I want you to give this some careful thought. You’ll earn just one point (at most) for identifying a tripping
hazard or a stadium seat designated for ADA accessibility, for example. You can get the full two points for
digging deeper and demonstrating in your writeup that you understand the concepts you’ve learned. Get your
arms wrapped around the Risk Management chapter and lecture – and be creative.
You can find schedules for SMU teams at this link – https://smumustangs.com/index.aspx – and SMU arts
performances at this link – https://www.smu.edu/meadows/newsandevents/calendar
Good luck!

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