Explains your personal nursing philosophy

Submit a one-page paper in APA Style that explains your personal nursing philosophy, your view of health, your growth in critical thinking, and your future role as a nurse. Include your view of health and your thoughts on your future role as a nurse.
The student provides a thoughtful, descriptive explanation of their beliefs on health.
The student provides a thoughtful, descriptive personal nursing philosophy. The student includes multiple details to support their thoughts and reasons. The student explains his or her personal nursing philosophy in detail. The student includes numerous details to back up their ideas and reasons.
The assignment is organized in a clear, concise, formal, and well-organized manner. Writing is sophisticated and word choice is thoughtful and professional.
The student uses APA Style accurately and consistently. The assignment meets all formatting requirements (length and style). Punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are all correct. There are minimal to no errors.

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