Explain why long-distance electric transmission lines

About 50 – 80 words per question

Please make sure to answer in full complete sentences providing details and examples. At least a couple sentences per question.

1. Explain why long-distance electric transmission lines operate at high voltages. 

2. Why is the development of better energy-storage technologies a more pressing problem for the electrical energy sector than for, say, fossil fuels? 

3. Some 38% of humanity’s primary energy goes into generating electricity, yet only 13% of that primary energy is consumed in the form of electricity. Explain the apparent discrepancy. 

4. What’s the advantage of using alternating current on the power grid? 

5. Is molecular hydrogen a fuel? A source of chemical energy? Discuss. 

6. A friend argues that there’s plenty of hydrogen available for fuel-cell vehicles; just look at all the H2O in the ocean. Refute this argument. 

7. How is a fuel cell like a battery? How is it different?

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