Essay on  Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease

Essay on  Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease
As a medical student, you may be assigned an essay on stroke/cerebrovascular disease. The goal of writing this type of essay should be to demonstrate not only your understanding of the disease but also your ability to write clearly and scholarly. It is critical to note that brain cells require blood in order to function properly. However, it is not uncommon for a disorder to affect the blood vessels responsible for transporting blood to the brain. When this occurs, brain cells are unable to receive an adequate supply of oxygen, resulting in brain damage. In essence, cerebrovascular disease refers to medical conditions that impair the ability of blood vessels to supply oxygen to brain cells. As a result, an essay on stroke/cerebrovascular disease should focus on such medical conditions.
Working on a cerebrovascular disease essay, like writing other types of essays, should begin with dissecting the essay question that you are supposed to address. You may be required to work on various aspects of this disease, such as its causes, effects, risk factors, diagnosis, different types, preventive measures that can be implemented, and how it affects different types of people. The point here is that you should never start working on your essay if you are unsure of what you are supposed to do.
A scholarly essay on stroke/cerebrovascular disease cannot be written without first reading the relevant sources of information. When writing this type of essay, a good rule of thumb is to avoid speculative writing. This means that any claims you make about the disease must be supported by verifiable evidence. Articles from medical journals and textbooks are some of the best places to find such credible evidence. You must always cite such sources using the AMA citation style, as failure to do so constitutes plagiarism. As a student, you should always make every effort to avoid plagiarism. Finally, before submitting the final draft of your cerebrovascular diseases essay, double-check that it is formatted correctly. Your essay should include, among other things, an introduction, body, and conclusion.

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