Do a business analytics for manager project about: Customer sentiment

Do a business analytics for manager project about: Customer sentiment analysis.Analyze customer feedback data from social media, online reviews, and customer service interactions to identify trends, patterns, and sentiment.- Do the Problem description and questions/hypotheses- Descriptive statistics & Visualizations- Discussion of results (2 methods)- Conclusion and future work- Analysis and methods in the excel file.
I uploaded an Example ( how you need to do the project) and the Rubric

Problem Description:
The objective of this business analytics project is to analyze customer feedback data from various sources such as social media, online reviews, and customer service interactions. The goal is to identify trends, patterns, and sentiment in order to gain valuable insights into customer sentiment towards a specific product or service. By performing sentiment analysis, the project aims to help managers understand customer perceptions and make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction and address any issues.


What are the overall sentiments expressed by customers in the feedback data?
Are there any specific keywords or topics that frequently appear in customer feedback?
Are there any noticeable trends or patterns in customer sentiment over time?
Are there any differences in sentiment across different feedback sources (e.g., social media, online reviews, customer service interactions)?
Can we identify any correlation between customer sentiment and specific product features or aspects?
How do positive and negative sentiments compare in terms of volume and intensity?
Descriptive Statistics & Visualizations:

Summary statistics of the customer sentiment (e.g., average sentiment score, distribution of sentiment scores).
Word frequency analysis to identify the most commonly used words or phrases in customer feedback.
Time series analysis to examine the changes in sentiment over time.
Comparison of sentiment across different feedback sources using visualizations like bar charts or stacked area plots.
Sentiment analysis for specific product features or aspects using visualizations like word clouds or scatter plots.
Discussion of Results (2 Methods):

Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning:

Utilize a pre-trained sentiment analysis model (e.g., Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machines, or Recurrent Neural Networks) to classify customer feedback into positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.
Discuss the accuracy and performance of the sentiment analysis model.
Highlight any challenges or limitations encountered during the analysis.
Lexicon-based Sentiment Analysis:

Employ a sentiment lexicon (e.g., AFINN, SentiWordNet) to assign sentiment scores to words in the customer feedback.
Aggregate the scores to calculate the overall sentiment of each feedback entry.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the lexicon-based approach.
Conclusion and Future Work:
In conclusion, this project successfully analyzed customer feedback data from social media, online reviews, and customer service interactions to gain insights into customer sentiment. The results highlighted the overall sentiment, identified frequent keywords/topics, examined sentiment trends over time, compared sentiment across different feedback sources, and explored the relationship between sentiment and specific product features. The project demonstrated the effectiveness of both machine learning and lexicon-based sentiment analysis methods.

For future work, it is recommended to:

Continuously monitor and analyze customer feedback to identify emerging trends and sentiments.
Incorporate sentiment analysis into real-time decision-making processes to address customer concerns promptly.
Explore the integration of natural language processing techniques to extract deeper insights from customer feedback.
Conduct sentiment analysis on competitor data to benchmark against industry standards.
Implement sentiment-based customer segmentation strategies to personalize the customer experience and improve satisfaction.
Analysis and Methods in the Excel File:
Please provide the specific dataset and any additional instructions for conducting the analysis in an Excel file. The file should contain the necessary data, formulas, calculations, and visualizations used to perform the business analytics project on customer sentiment analysis.

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