Discussion Question 8 – Conflict and negotiation

Discussion Question 8 – Conflict and negotiation
The COVID pandemic has increased the number of people looking for work, particularly those with higher-paying jobs. As a result, some employers may see this as an opportunity to raise wages or offer new job titles. However, many employees want to know what they can do to request a raise in these situations. It is critical to be aware of company-specific guidelines when requesting a salary increase, raise, or promotion during the COVID pandemic. During a COVID pandemic, job seekers may have to tread carefully when requesting a salary increase, raise, or improved job title. Raising one’s salary during a difficult economic period can be difficult, if not impossible. However, staying proactive and maintaining good personal relationships with one’s superiors can help improve one’s chances of obtaining a raise regardless of whether the company is experiencing short-term financial difficulties. It can be difficult to request a salary increase or a better title in today’s fast-paced workplace (Cameron et al., 2021).

Navigating these sensitive conversations during the COVID pandemic can be extremely difficult. When presented with the opportunity to earn more money, many people may be hesitant to express their concerns. During the COVID pandemic, many employees are requesting salary increases or improved job titles in order to earn a living wage. Many people were simply unsure what to do or say when the COVID pandemic began. Some people stayed at home and waited for it to pass, while others worked tirelessly to assist friends and family members. Regardless of how one chooses to behave during this period, navigating and requesting a salary increase or raise can be difficult. It is important to remember that most employers are likely still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, so they may not be ready to give employees raises or more prestigious titles right away. Due to increased anxiety and work obligations during the COVID pandemic, these steps may not be feasible (Griffiths et al., 2022).

Employees may be hesitant to make such aggressive requests in some cases, given reports of company morale deteriorating as a result of the pandemic’s stress. Many employees may be unsure what to do if they want a raise or a better job title in the face of the COVID pandemic. Navigating these waters can be difficult and emotionally charged, but employee and company morale must be handled thoughtfully and respectfully (Griffiths et al., 2022).


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