Discussion Question 5 Managing Groups and Teams

Discussion Question 5 Managing Groups and Teams
Read the Teamwork Takes to the Sky case in Bauer and Erdogan, Chapter 9: Managing Groups and Teams Links to an external site.. https://open.lib.umn.edu/organizationalbehavior/part/chapter-9-managing-groups-and-teams/

Write a response or share a video answering the questions from the case:

Would Robert Henderson’s strategy have worked if GE were manufacturing an entire plane rather than just an engine? What about if they were manufacturing medical equipment?
Jack Welch stated that productivity “comes from challenged, empowered, excited, rewarded teams of people.” Do you agree with this statement? What are some other factors of productivity that Welch may have left out?
One of the factors that contributed to the success of Henderson’s new factory was the use of FAA-certified mechanics. How could Henderson have accomplished his goal if the industry was suffering a shortage of FAA-certified individuals?
As stated at the opening of the GE story, GE had already invested $1.5 billion in the jet engine project. This implies that GE has a large amount of money at its disposal. Could Henderson have pulled off his revolutionary production facility without the amount of financial capital GE provided? How might his initial planning and development of the factory have differed if he were working for a new, small, start-up organization?

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