Define public policy

Objectives – These are not questions for the discussion.

Define public policy and evaluate the public policy process

Analyze and compare the important tenets and applications of social, health, and economic policy in the United States

Articulate the primary objectives and approaches in American foreign policy


Initial Post Discussion Instructions: Due Sunday by 11:59 pm.

Please answer the prompts in order. In a minimum of 250 words total, address the following prompts:

Prompt 1: Using lessons learned in this module and Chapter 10, discuss a specific public policy issue you believe to be the most important or challenging today. Why do you believe this?

Prompt 2: Using and referring to lessons learned in this module and in Chapter 10, which of the main types (economic, health, foreign, and social) of public policy discussed in Chapter 10 does your chosen public policy issue from Prompt 1 fall under? Why?

Prompt 3: Based on the lessons learned in Chapter 10 about how issues that fall under the policy area chosen in Prompt 2 are often addressed, what possible solutions have been proposed or could be proposed to address your chosen policy issue from Prompt 1?

I often have students discuss freedoms. If you make a selection like this, be careful that you understand the application of the Bill of Rights, which has been taught in this course and is largely misunderstood (see information on Selective Incorporation), and that you understand where it would fall under one of the public policies.

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