Cultural Competence

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Title: cultural competence
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Becoming a Culturally Competent Nurse (Links to an external site.)

response to the following:

Describe what cultural competence is and why it is important to study.
What concepts have you learned in this class that will help you become a culturally competent nurse?
Reflect on the strengths you will bring as a future nurse and provide support to your response.

Cultural competence involves the ability to understand and learn to interact with people from different cultural environments. For a person to be culturally competent, one needs to have the willingness to learn about other people’s practices and their cultural perspectives (Lauderdale, 2018). It is essential to understand one’s cultural practices before a person starts embracing other people’s culture. From this point where one gets to understand one’s culture, a person will be able to see the differences existing in different cultures. Another essential aspect that a competent person should have is having a positive attitude towards cultural differences and accepting them.
Cultural competence is a necessary approach a person can take since it helps create the impossible relationships between a culturally diverse interaction. A culturally diverse interaction involves people from different ethical backgrounds with other cultures (Lauderdale, 2018). It may be hard for such people to start relating with one another since their practices and beliefs are different, and one may start seeing that one’s culture is the best. Therefore, when these people begin to understand and appreciate other people’s cultures, a smooth relationship will emerge amongst themselves.
One of the concepts that I have learned in becoming a competent nurse is having a good awareness of a patient’s background. Having a good grasp is an integral approach since it will minimize assumptions concerning the patient (Lauderdale, 2018). Another concept concerning cultural competence that I have learned is building trust with a patient. A good relationship based on trust will facilitate a good treatment program since the patient will not doubt our cultural differences.
One of the strengths that I will focus on in becoming a competent nurse is learning more about different cultures. This process will entail me concentrate intensely on a specific culture one at a time as it will help me understand the patients. Another strength that I will have to focus on concerns my social interaction skills. Good interaction skills will help me build good relationships with the patients as I understand their cultural perspectives.

Lauderdale, J. [Johnson & Johnson Nursing] (2018, December 3). Becoming a Culturally Competent Nurse. (Video). YouTube.

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