CSCI 101 Web Development

CSCI 101 Web
Project Guidelines
1. You are required to create a minimum of three-pages website.
2. A personal website can contain your resume, hobbies, likes, advocacies, or any
information about you that you want to share to others. You can choose
another topic but you have to get the approval of your professor.
3. This is YOUR project, and you are NOT ALLOWED to copy either the web
pages (HTML, CSS or JavaScript codes) or contents from others.
4. If you are using content from other sources, proper references MUST be provided.
5. You are NOT ALLOWED to use any HTML/CSS framework such asBOOTSTRAP.
6. Aside from your website, you are going to submit the project log report.
Marking Criteria (15% of overall grade):
• Originality
• Navigation
• Completeness
• Graphics and multimedia
• CSS and layout design
• Ease of navigation
• Look and feel of the website
• Java Script and other java libraries
• Appropriateness of content
• Coding standard and cleanliness
• Proper documentation
• Presentation
• HTML and CSS Coding
Project log (as part of the project)
• You should document all changes that you made on the web pages and work done since
the submission of last project log.
• Your project log should contain the design evolution of your project.
• You are required to write a Summary section at the end of the project log to highlight
o the initial and final design of the web pages
o the main HTML/JavaScript/CSS3 featuresthat you used
o any features/tools that are not covered in class but have been applied in the project

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