Clinical Skills Self-Assessment

Clinical Skills Self-Assessment
Strengths in Healthcare
One of my strengths in the delivery of care is a desire to learn. I have desired to work alongside qualified and experienced professionals to learn. I believe that gradual and on-job training provides a better approach to clinical skills. I have learned that I can gain more knowledge while at work, even after graduating. I express the desire to learn by reading medical literature both in the library and online. I look for control trials and systematic reviews to understand the latest information about diverse healthcare sector issues. Systematic reviews from reliable databases such as PubMed and CINAHL are reliable since they have been peer-reviewed. For example, systematic reviews are necessary to enhance the acquisition of reliable and latest information about care delivery.
Critical thinking is another strength I have been fostering since I started college. I embrace an open mind and analytical approach to the content I find in the medical literature. The approach helps me to dig deeper into controversial issues. For example, I have been expressing a critical mind on the issue of mercy killing. The approach helps me to challenge my personal opinion and beliefs. Critical thinking is essential in learning since it helps the students and healthcare workers to avoid contradicting the research findings of health research. For example, during the pandemic, diverse studies suggest how to cure the virus or avoid infection. Despite the popularity of the ideas, evidence-based practice shows that reliable evidence will be the only source of information to guide nurses’ practice.
Opportunities for Growth
One of the growth opportunities is communication skills. It is an essential competency in the nursing field, making nurses qualified to deliver services in the healthcare sector. I need to improve on the diverse competencies required in Iowa. I plan to apply for jobs at Iowa State. The competencies required by the Iowa state are in the following link The link provides important information about the scope of the learning necessary in Iowa State. Some of the important lessons I need to learn include legislation, licensure, and collaborative agreements nurses require. The learning will be crucial in boosting my skill as a nurse to enhance my current and future practice. For example, I know the future healthcare field will adopt technologies such as robotics, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence. The technologies are crucial in changing the landscape of the healthcare sector. Learning about the requirements in the healthcare sector in Iowa State is crucial in aligning with the changes.
States have diverse models and policies on prescribing drugs. I will learn the consensual model that affects the role of nurses in the field. It will be important to learn the opportunities and challenges in the healthcare sector. One of the areas to focus on is the ethical practice of prescribing drugs such as opioids. The growth opportunity will comprise learning the legislative policies and requirements for practice in different states, especially Iowa.
I will look for past case studies to gain insights into how people addressed clinical issues and ethical dilemmas. I have learned that nurses can engage in diverse health dilemmas while providing care to patients. Learning how to unravel the challenges related to the health issues. Another area of study is to examine the legal and ethical scenarios relevant to the care for the patients. Legal and ethical issues are necessary to avoid negative outcomes that may undermine the career of a nurse.
I have learned that the healthcare sector is a challenging field that requires constant improvement. The constant improvement will be as a result of analyzing the available literature in the medical world. Improvements are necessary to improve the skills of the healthcare workers.
Goals and Objectives
1. Goal: Attending medical seminars
a) Learn the ethical and legal issues necessary in the delivery of care in diverse states.
b) Learn the duty of a nurse and how to overcome the ethical and legal issues related to the prescription of drugs. Prescribing opioids is a controversial issue with different positions across the states and requires better understanding.
c) The seminars will enhance my network since I will meet other healthcare specialists and nurses in the health field.
2. Goal: Build trust with patients and family members.
a. Express empathy to all patients despite their condition or health condition. Social trust boosts confidence with the patients and family members.
b. Learn the challenges that undermine trust among the patients. For example, I seek to learn how to always listen to their patients and care for them.
c. Learn the methods of creating emotional support among the patients and their family members.
3. Goal: Enhance critical skills
a. Enhance observational skills that will improve my ability to critical evaluate patients and diagnose conditions.
b. Learn new and improved systems of diagnosing conditions and improving accuracy of the conditions to enhance the safety of the patients.
c. Learn about the strategies of eliminating patient errors and addressing inconsistencies in the healthcare sector.

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