Chapter 7 Scenario. Assignment is incomplete without self reflection

Chapter 7 Scenario. Assignment is incomplete without self reflection

To list the essential elements of an ideal child care facility and to evaluate your list. You have recently been promoted to be the director of the newest location of a child care center chain. The board has asked you to provide input as to what the facility should include as the building committee searches for existing buildings and hires architects to design the space for remodel. While the classroom space of the existing centers is good, they lack staff and parent space and you feel the overall traffic flow could be improved. You are asked to provide two lists – one list of necessary features that the building should include or could be added to help narrow the choices of facilities and another list of wanted or desired features that would improve quality and help the board choose between similar sites. Finally, to ensure that they don’t select a site that is unfit, the board would like you to create a third list of facility components or features to avoid.

Focus Assignment: Create a three-column list to describe the features of the physical space and what should or could be built into it. Be sure to include considerations for traffic flow, space for staff, and space for parents. One column should be titled “Necessary”, the second column titled “Wanted” and the third column “Avoid”.Self-Reflection:

For your list, explain how this list addresses the issues in the scenario

In the scenario, as the director of a new child care facility, I am tasked with providing input on the necessary and desirable features of the building, as well as features to avoid, to help the building committee narrow down choices for a remodel.

To address the issues raised in the scenario, I have created a three-column list that includes features of the physical space that should or could be built into it. The first column, titled “Necessary,” lists essential components of the facility that are required to ensure smooth operations and provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children. This includes adequate classroom space, staff space, and parent space.

The second column, titled “Wanted,” includes features that are not essential but would improve the quality of the facility and make it more attractive to parents. This includes amenities such as outdoor play areas, technology infrastructure, and high-quality furnishings.

The third column, titled “Avoid,” includes features or components that should be avoided in the facility to ensure that it is safe, healthy, and welcoming for the children and staff. This could include things like inadequate ventilation, hazardous materials, or insufficient security measures.

By creating this list, I have addressed the issues raised in the scenario by providing guidance on the necessary and desirable features of the facility and features to avoid, which will help the building committee in their search for an appropriate location and guide the architects in designing a space that meets the needs of the children, staff, and parents. Additionally, the list includes considerations for traffic flow, staff space, and parent space, which were identified as areas in need of improvement in the existing facilities.

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