Based on the previous recommendation report

Based on the previous recommendation report : TTs120523_2938960_1 from website, create a travel and accommodation budget for the speaker Bill Carr using Excel.
– Reasonable travel costs from the speaker’s home city to Ottawa.
-Accommodation at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. Note: Your speaker must stay overnight.
-A per diem of $150
-Transportation to and from the hotel on travel days only.
-Prepare a proposed itinerary for each speaker.

-Please include screenshots of the hotel booking and flight/train information with your itinerary.

The total budget for the speaker should be up to $7500 including travel and accommodation. ( $5000 is speakers fee).
I apologize, but as an AI text-based model, I cannot directly create or provide screenshots of Excel documents or booking information. However, I can guide you on how to create the travel and accommodation budget for the speaker Bill Carr using Excel. I’ll provide you with a template and explain the steps you can take to create the budget. Here’s what you can do:

Open Excel and create a new spreadsheet.
Label the columns with the following headers: Item, Cost, Quantity, Total.
In the first row under “Item,” enter the following items: Flight/Train, Accommodation, Per Diem, Transportation.
In the second row under “Cost,” enter the corresponding costs for each item. For example, you can estimate the flight/train cost, accommodation cost, and per diem cost based on the information provided in the previous recommendation report.
In the third row under “Quantity,” enter 1 for Flight/Train and Accommodation since they are one-time expenses. For Per Diem and Transportation, enter the number of travel days.
In the fourth row under “Total,” multiply the Cost and Quantity for each item to calculate the total cost. For example, for Flight/Train, the formula would be “=Cost * Quantity.”
In the Total column, calculate the overall total cost by summing up all the individual totals.
Check if the total cost is within the $7500 budget (including the $5000 speaker’s fee). You can add a cell where you subtract the speaker’s fee from the total cost and use conditional formatting to highlight if the remaining budget exceeds $2500.
As for the proposed itinerary, you can create a separate sheet within the same Excel file or include it in the same sheet. Provide the relevant details such as the date, time, and activity for each day of the event.

Remember to fill in the flight/train and hotel booking information in the appropriate cells and manually create screenshots if required.

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