Assignment Brief

Assignment Brief
This takes the form of a reflective essay. This should analyse an interaction that you have had with a patient/client, or an on-going relationship with a patient/client, including where appropriate, interaction with the family and other team members. Students who work in a managerial role without direct patient contact may choose to analyse an interaction with a colleague or colleagues.
The essay should include the following elements:
• Introductory paragraph to briefly introduce the topic and the context of verbal and non-verbal communication, and the development of supportive relationships, within the context of health and social care.
• Brief description (500 words) of the interaction that you have had with a patient/client, or a colleague or colleagues for students who work in a managerial role without direct patient contact. This MUST be anonymised.
• You should discuss the nature of the interaction or ongoing relationship, making reference to suitable theoretical models and research sources.
• You should evaluate the effects of your interaction with the patient and significant others. You could do this, for example, by making reference to theory, policy, clinical guidelines, reviews or other sources of evidence.
• You need to discuss what you have learned from this interaction, reflecting on your actions and their effects, and what you have learned that will aid the development of your future practice.
• Conclusion/summary of the reflection.
Assignment length

The length of an assignment is limited by a set number of words to contribute towards the development of writing skills and to ensure all work is assessed equitably. We therefore require you to complete your assignments within the number of words specified in the assignment brief.
The specified word count refers to the main body of the report and does not include, where these are present, front cover, title page, contents page, summary, reference list, bibliography or appendices. The word count does include headings, tables and in-text citations. Appendices are not usually necessary and will not be marked. However, inappropriate use of appendices will be taken into consideration when awarding the final mark.
Word limit is 3,500 words. Any words in excess of the word limit will not be marked. If in doubt, you should discuss this with the Module Leader before submission. Please give the word count at the beginning of your assignment.

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