Achak Chiqali is a 65-year-old Native American male

1. Achak Chiqali is a 65-year-old Native American male directly admitted from his provider’s office to the inpatient medical unit with community-acquired pneumonia Achak was started three days ago on prednisone 40 mg PO daily and azithromycin 250 mg PO x5 days by his clinic physician_ Though he has had intermittent chills and had a fever last night of 102.0 F/38.9 C. Achak has had more difficulty breathing during the night and has been using her albuterol inhaler every 1-2 hours with no improvement.
Directly admitted from his provider’s office, Achak is determined to maintain his independence and dignity and refuses assistance with personal care, even though he experiences shortness of breath with any exertion. Achak attempts to use the urinal independently and spills urine on the bed and floor. In the process, he accidentally pulls off his nasal cannula, which falls out of his reach. He is frustrated and embarrassed and soon becomes dyspneic without his oxygen.
AAA states, “I used the urinal (deep breath); tried to hang it on bedrail (deep breath); spilled it on bed and floor (deep breath); I feel badly for making this mess (deep breath); my oxygen came off (deep breath) as I reached for the urinal (deep breath).”
1. What is community-acquired pneumonia 2. Nursing Diagnosis

2. Nursing Diagnosis? use the article scenario.
3. intervention and goals for the patient

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