You need to prepare answers to questions 1-3 at the end of Case 14.2. For question 1 you should conduct cross-tabulations. Nick said about their preferred demographics for each media/advertising type: “Nick says that for television and newspaper, they prefer to use education; for radio, they prefer to use age; and for magazines, they prefer to use income.” After you conduct the analysis please write a quick interpretation of what you found. For question 2 you should run a correlation analysis to determine the preference for each model type against the six lifestyle variables. You should complete 5 Correlation Analyses for this problem. Please be sure to note the preferred Lifestyle for each hybrid model. Lastly, for question 3 you need to use an entirely different dataset. Make sure you download and use the ‘ AAConcepts.Recoded.xlsm ’ file to complete this analysis. Because we are conducting regression analysis here, some of the variables have to be recoded to get the correct answers. Please note that you are required to perform regression analyses to identify the demographic, belief, and attitude factors that are related to preferences for each of the five different hybrid models under consideration. For each car model you should conduct separate Regression Analyses for: • General demographics: income, age, marital status, etc…. • Beliefs towards global warming and gasoline • Attitudes toward small and hybrid automobiles After you conduct each regression analyses please be sure to write out your interpretation of what the analysis is telling you. I have attached the full question for Case 14.2 and the XL data analyst for AAConcepts.Recoded need to complete the analysis. Please use the Excel spreadsheet to complete each question and also put each question on a separate tab within this spreadsheet.

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